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Top 10 Heat Treating Solution Companies - 2020

In the manufacturing arena, the never-ending demand for high-quality products has given way for a rise in the implementation of ingenious surface engineering solutions as part of product design. It is imperative for production units to maintain utmost scrutiny while selecting raw materials for surface treatment as that is critical for a product’s resistance to corrosion from wear and tear and other vital properties. However, a hurdle for the manufacturers is a lack of understanding that is required for the successful utilization of heat treatment processes that can substantially improve their design and production operational workflows.

Although heat-treating is an integral part of the manufacturing process, the alteration from the legacy button control structure to a digital user interface has most operators at crossroads in making the right choices. With even the slightest of mishaps proving to be costly, it is important that they are properly trained to ensure that they are working optimally and in adherence to all regulatory norms. As more manufacturers move toward specialist heat treatment methods and techniques, there is a growing need for technology vendors that can offer these services with outstanding quality and competitive price points. The new techniques offer better mechanical properties that can induce higher ductility, toughness, reduced distortion, shortened overall cycle time, resistance to shock and fatigue stresses in ferrous alloys. Not unique to metals, these heat treatment technology solutions are capable of effectively treating glass and petrochemical material that are used in the manufacturing process as well.

In our constant quest to assist our readers to find the right technology partners for their many digitalization ventures, we highlight the best heat treating solution and service providers. The companies listed in this edition of the magazine are those vendors that are experienced in the heat treatment arena, and are committed to accommodate manufacturers requirements 24/7. In addition, industry experts also provide insights on the best practices to follow while deploying the latest metal and alloy bending equipment across production units and centers.

We present our “Top 10 Heat Treating Solution Providers.”

    Top Heat Treating Solution Companies

  • CeramSource is a unique supplier of high quality, refractory, fiber insulation, and graphite products. The thermal processing sector finds us quite easily, stemming from our long-lasting reputation, and consistency of the various product lines we offer. As a general outlook, we exhibit, and supply our products to foundry, chemical, iron and steel, aluminum, copper, heat treatment, ceramic, and power plant industries. CeramSource offers hundreds of standard warehouse items, but also maintains excellence in custom-designed products and projects to fit the specific needs of each customer. We execute efficiency, and optimization for the thermal processing sector, and with direct manufacturing behind us, we are able to provide customers with effective solutions from general concerns to specific requirements in a cost effective manner

  • FPM Heat Treating is one of the most extensive commercial heat-treating companies specializing in various heat-treating processes in the United States. As one of the Midwest's largest heat-treating specialists, the company offers a complete spectrum of heat-treating processes to serve its broad customer base across various markets. According to Jim Feltner, VP at FPM, this success is a result of the company's unique culture

  • HTI


    HTI is a commercial Austempering company specializing in the Austemper heat treating process.Founded in 1976, HTI is one of the largest commercial Austempering companies in the US. With four continuous wire mesh belt Austempering furnaces and a strong focus on providing quality, efficiency and service, the company has gained an excellent reputation in the market and is currently the go-to heat treating partner for clients across the country. HTI focuses on a quick turnaround - which is pivotal for customers, especially in the current pandemic situation

  • IBC Coatings Technologies specializes in developing customized surface treatment solutions to address their customers’ unique problems and improve performance significantly. The company’s specialized equipment can accommodate a wide range of materials and geometric variations, ranging from metal forming dies that weigh thousands of pounds, to millimeter-scale semiconductor components. IBC caters to the needs of many industries, including oil and gas, agriculture, chemical, aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, metal forming, die casting, forging, and plastic molding. The company also executes R&D and supply contracts from federal government agencies

  • L&L Special Furnace Co, Inc.

    L&L Special Furnace Co, Inc.

    L&L Special Furnace Co, Inc. has a longstanding reputation for designing special industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns, quench tanks and heat treating systems. Over these decades of design, production and service, L&L has manufactured some of the best heat treating furnaces, ovens and quenching equipment for the industrial and laboratory world. L&L continually updates its product offerings and improves quality. Our reputation for sophisticated engineering, superior workmanship and professional service has resulted in an extensive and growing base of satisfied customers, including many large and exacting clients

  • Modern Metal Processing, Inc.

    Modern Metal Processing, Inc.

    The services of Modern Metal Processing, Inc. focus on aluminum brazing, including cold plates, building bar, and fin designs with welded tanks, along with some nickel braze work. Modern Metal Processing was established by Chet Wesolek (seen right) in November of 1978. Our first contract was for processing aluminum bumpers for Lobdel-Emery Stamping Company. They were supplying them to General Motors for the Chevrolet Impala. They valued our services for over ten years. Our original equipment included one furnace, a solution pit furnace, and a large aging oven

  • Signature Vacuum Systems, Inc.

    Signature Vacuum Systems, Inc.

    Signature Vacuum Systems, Inc. is an organization of expert vacuum furnace manufacturers and engineers with over 100 years of combined experience. We specialize in custom furnace design, though we have standard specifications available here. Our custom vacuum furnace systems can reach extremely high heats, offer superior control over flow and temperature, and create high-quality finished products. Our furnaces are designed to meet your application, budget and schedule requirements

  • Castle Metals

    Castle Metals

    Castle Metals is a leading provider of metals, services, and supply chain solutions specializing in alloy, carbon, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron, and red metals. We are a metals service center, but Castle Metals provides solutions throughout the supply chain solutions for many customers. Since its inception in 1890, Castle Metals has developed deep expertise in the metals industry. The company continues to recruit and develop the best talent, leveraging our knowledge in supply chain, processing, inventory management, metallurgy, logistics, finance and lean manufacturing. Core products available include alloy, carbon, stainless, aluminum, nickel and cast iron. Processing capabilities include cutting, heat treating, turning, machining, trepanning and a number of additional services such as testing, threading, etc

  • Knights Furnace

    Knights Furnace

    Its furnaces are used internationally in general machine shops, tool and die production, plastic mold making shops, and many different fabrication processes where heat treating or ovens are needed. Today, Knights Furnace continues to offer machinery and metal working equipment, but heat treating furnaces has become the core of our business operations. Knights Furnace specializes in the manufacturing and sales of heat treating furnaces and equipment, helping companies save time and money by doing heat treating in-house

  • Premier Thermal

    Premier Thermal

    Premier Thermal Solutions, the parent company of Atmosphere Annealing, NitroSteel, & Al-Fe, provides commercial metal processing services ranging from Annealing - Full, Subcritical, and Isothermal, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, Neutral Hardening, Normalizing, Quench and Temper - Oil, Glycol, Polymer, and Water, Shot Blasting, Phosphate and Lube Coating, Pickling and Oiling, Polymer Coating, Solution/Quench/Age of Aluminum, Spheroidizing, Stress Relieving