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Top 10 Heat Treating Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

In the manufacturing arena, the never-ending demand for high-quality products has given way for a rise in the implementation of ingenious surface engineering solutions as part of product design. It is imperative for production units to maintain utmost scrutiny while selecting raw materials for surface treatment as that is critical for a product’s resistance to corrosion from wear and tear and other vital properties. However, a hurdle for the manufacturers is a lack of understanding that is required for the successful utilization of heat treatment processes that can substantially improve their design and production operational workflows.

Although heat-treating is an integral part of the manufacturing process, the alteration from the legacy button control structure to a digital user interface has most operators at crossroads in making the right choices. With even the slightest of mishaps proving to be costly, it is important that they are properly trained to ensure that they are working optimally and in adherence to all regulatory norms. As more manufacturers move toward specialist heat treatment methods and techniques, there is a growing need for technology vendors that can offer these services with outstanding quality and competitive price points. The new techniques offer better mechanical properties that can induce higher ductility, toughness, reduced distortion, shortened overall cycle time, resistance to shock and fatigue stresses in ferrous alloys. Not unique to metals, these heat treatment technology solutions are capable of effectively treating glass and petrochemical material that are used in the manufacturing process as well.

In our constant quest to assist our readers to find the right technology partners for their many digitalization ventures, we highlight the best heat treating solution and service providers. The companies listed in this edition of the magazine are those vendors that are experienced in the heat treatment arena, and are committed to accommodate manufacturers requirements 24/7. In addition, industry experts also provide insights on the best practices to follow while deploying the latest metal and alloy bending equipment across production units and centers.

We present our “Top 10 Heat Treating Consulting/Service Companies.”

    Top Heat Treating Consulting/Service Companies

  • Allstates Refractory Contractors has created a niche of its own in the refractory market by providing necessary services, rebuild, repair, emergency services, and refractory materials.ARC positions itself as a partner rather than solely a service provider to its clients and strives to determine the exact issues with customers’ equipment and fix them within a stated schedule and budget without compromising a safe work environment. With a history of several such success stories, ARC aims to improve its performance further and broaden the scope of its refractory services portfolio. The company also plans to hire potential additional talents to strengthen its management structure and build a team that can further improve its management capabilities

  • NDE Inc.

    NDE Inc.

    NDE Inc. is a nondestructive testing (NDT) and field heat treatment (HT) services firm serving the South Georgia, Florida region since 1984. NDE, Inc. offers a unique single-source option that streamlines the contracting process for a variety of industries and contractors including power, pipe line, oil and gas, tank construction, chemical, aerospace, building infrastructure, mining, manufacturing and metal fabrication. NDE Inc. maintains a highly qualified staff with over 80 years of combined experience. Our technicians train, test and certify to the latest regulations required by our customer base. We are totally committed to our core values of Safety, Quality, Integrity and Reliability in all things and motivated to build our market value through unsurpassed customer service, innovation, and cost improvements

  • ALD Thermal Treatment

    ALD Thermal Treatment

    ALD Thermal Treatment, Inc. is the premier source for vacuum heat treatment services to the precision manufactured component segment. Our success in providing precision components with minimal geometric changes and superior quality, drives our desire to bring vacuum processing (LPC) with high pressure gas quench (HPGQ) to the manufacturing community

  • Furnacare


    Furnacare specializes in the field of vacuum heat treatments, providing flexible and reliable support in the supply and maintenance of vacuum heat treating accessories. Furnacare benefits from the long experience in the field of advanced vacuum technology to carry on its mission of a reliable and flexible support in the supply and maintenance of vacuum furnaces and their accessories, such as control cabinets, cooling circuits and loading systems. Always looking for the most efficient solution for its customers, the company is passionately dedicated to study new solutions and to build vacuum furnaces suitable for the different industry sectors, including aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, medical, heat treatment shops, defense, etc

  • Heatmasters


    Heatmasters is an international industrial services and equipment provider specializing in heat treatment, NDT inspection, surface treatment and other services for maintenance of process plants and manufacturing industry. In-depth heat treatment know-how accumulated during the last half a century, customer orientation, and our capability to adapt to industry needs has forged us into pioneers in heat treatment solutions and industrial services

  • Hellier Companies

    Hellier Companies

    Hellier provides Mechanical Integrity Engineering and Quality/Inspection services, offerings include: Engineering, Quality Control, Nondestructive Testing and Examination (NDT/NDE), Unmanned Aircraft System Inspection, Heat Treating, and Machining. Hellier also offers Technical Training for Heat Treatment, Quality Management, Leadership, and Safety. This expertise uniquely positions Hellier as a premier single source complementary services provider. Hellier has substantial depth in advanced nondestructive examination (NDE), and Quality Assurance (QA) including: audit, vendor surveillance, positive material identification (PMI) program development, and consultation from construction quality implementation, operations turnover expertise, and mechanical integrity evaluation

  • Latour Aerospace

    Latour Aerospace

    As a distributor, Latour services industries such as Aerospace Material, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Power Generation, Shipyards, Warships, Interior Aircraft design, Fabrics, and Hardware. Our extensive commodity list along with the ability to develop and resource new products supports our customers every need. Latour can back up LTA contracts as well as expedite for an AOG's. Our ability to perform special processing allows us to take your order from A-Z freeing the buyer up from extra work. Whats more is that Latour's scope of work reaches into the manufacturing field as well. From fittings to custom made extrusions, Latour is ready, willing and able to supply

  • Nutec Bickley

    Nutec Bickley

    Nutec Bickley is an international leader in the design and implementation of highly innovative and efficient industrial heating systems.The highly-qualified engineers at Nutec Bickley serve customers through the design, building and installation of combustion systems, thermal insulation and complete industrial furnaces and kilns. With presence in more than 50 countries around the world, Nutec Bickley is focused on understanding customer´s thermal equipment needs and working to supply the best equipment to meet those needs at the most competitive price. By applying the latest proven technology, Nutec Bickley is able to provide innovative solutions that meet or exceed our customer´s expectations in equipment quality, production efficiency, and operational economy

  • Paratherm


    Paratherm is a team of engineers, trainers, communicators, facilitators, and logistics professionals with years of experience working with heat transfer applications. Nine Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids perform from -140ºF to +650ºF. These liquids serve at cryogenic temperatures for test chambers; for non-aqueous heating/cooling of plastics processes or chemical reactions; for single-fluid heating and cooling; for heat recovery; and to maintain high temperatures without the significant system pressures required by steam or vapor phase systems. Three Paratherm System Cleaners work under various conditions to clean systems thoroughly and reliably, either while the system is running (detergent based), or overnight (solvent based)

  • ThermoFusion


    ThermoFusion provides both heat treating and brazing services for its clients. Founded in 1968, ThermoFusion continues to grow and thrive as the only combined Heat Treating and Brazing company in the Bay Area. Our entire team has extensive experience in brazing, heat treating, engineering, production and manufacturing. Our backgrounds are as diverse as the companies we’ve worked for, giving us a broad range of experience beyond just brazing and heat treating. ThermoFusion is ISO9001:2015, AS9100:2016 Rev D, and Nadcap certified