CeramSource: A Gateway to Revolutionary Applications for Thermal Insulation

CeramSource: A Gateway to Revolutionary Applications for Thermal Insulation

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Edwin Wang, President, CeramSourceEdwin Wang, President
The idea of the American Dream has been the essence of the nation for centuries. It is a way of life for many, while a way to aspire for others. The promise of a fulfilling and prosperous life, living the American dream becomes a reality only with hard work and making and taking opportunities on the way. With this ideology, comes the emergence of CeramSource, which initially started as a small textile company in 1999 in Pennsylvania, but has at present grown and is expanding under the able leadership of the company’s president Edwin Wang, alongside a skilled and dedicated team. Since its humble beginnings, the company gradually evolved into doing business with other products like blankets, boards, and insulation products associated with the heating industry. Within a few years, CeramSource set footing in New Jersey where it expanded its warehouse to nearly 36,000 sq. ft., by the year 2012. The company is one of the leading providers of refractories, ceramic fiber insulation (RCF and Non-RCF), graphite products, and fabrication services. “We have successfully pivoted from a purely textile company to refractory brick supplying company that services steel-making industry, at the dawn of our 20th anniversary,” states Howard Yang, Operations Manager at CeramSource.

The heating industry has witnessed a dynamic transition over the years, which brought about the utilization of ceramic fiber. Most organizations are at present, more conscious about health regulations and protecting their workers. This need brought about the demand for ceramic fiber and silica fiber into the insulation industry. CeramSource has successfully stayed abreast with the transformations and the evolving needs of the heat insulation industry while staying compliant to the safety regulations and norms. The company’s services are not just tailor-made to the needs of its clients and vendors but also resolve the major challenges they face.

We are not just about making a sale, but about creating partnerships with our clients and vendors and establishing long-term relations

Its warehouse facilities in Texas, Ohio, California, and New Jersey enable swift transportation of materials to clients as soon as they require. This saves a lot of time for clients, especially who are project-based. “We not only want to be known as service providers but also as problem-solvers for our clients. To deal with industrial heat, our clients’ requirements are always our incentives,” adds Yang.

The company comes with a myriad of products in the heating industry, to provide top-notch services to refinery industries and steel mills. CeramSource provides insulating firebricks, high alumina brick, magnesia chrome brick, hard ceramics, fiberglass, cement, ceramic fiber blanket, graphite, sheets, foils, stopper rods and nozzles. Their main product lines are Ceramic fiber blanket, paper, board and textiles among other offerings. The company also fabricates existing inventory to ceramic fiber strips and modules for the thermal processing industry. The company has reliable sources for attaining raw materials which are quality controlled and ISO 9001 certified. It has a unique approach to servicing customers by qualifying themselves and ensuring that they are the best fit for meeting their needs. The organization realizes that potential customers have a lot of capital on the line and do not over-reach but stay honest and deliver to its best capability. It further conducts regular follow-ups and maintains strong relationships with every client. “We are not just about making a sale, but about creating partnerships with our clients and vendors and establishing long-term relations.” states Yang.

With the steadfast aim of providing better services to its customers, CeramSource strives to be consistent and is looking ahead to soon make a breakthrough into the manufacturing arena in the U.S.A. The company is expanding its foothold from the North to the Mid-west and strategically reaches out to several companies. With positive critique from customers, a dedicated and talented team, and the vision of Edwin Wang to achieve greater heights, CeramSource is steering ahead to progress into manufacturing its goods and cost-effectively provide efficient solutions.

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East Brunswick, NJ

Edwin Wang, President and Howard Yang, Operating Manager

CeramSource has made its unique impression in the heating industry with high quality, refractory, fiber insulation, and graphite products. The company is consistent in offering its services while also ensuring they are aligned to the needs of its clients and vendors. It offers and myriad of products starting from insulating firebricks, alumina brick, magnesia chrome brick, ceramic, glass, cement, ceramic fiber blanket, graphite sheets and foils, to fabrication modules for ceramic fiber, blanket, paper, board and strips. CeramSource upholds the vision of solving problems while expanding its outreach to every potential clients and building strong partnerships along the way